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Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 176.182 & 270C.72, the following applicable information is required of each license applicant:

Establishment Definitions:

Limited Food Menu - Food service with pre-packaged food that receives heat treatment and is served in the package, continental breakfast, soft drinks, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and/or dishwashing (Ex. Senior dining sites.)

Small Establishment - Food service with no salad bar and equipment not exceeding one deep fat fryer, one grill, two hot holding containers, and microwaves or service of dipped ice cream/soft serve frozen desserts. Establishments which do not provide catering service and which meet "Medium Establishment" equipment criteria but have a total seating capacity of 50 or less people are "Small Establishments." Establishments that only cater and are not open regular hours are "Small Establishments."

Medium Establishment - Food service with seating over 50 and using a range, oven, steam table, salad bar, or salad preparation area, more than one deep fat fryer or grill, more than two hot holding containers, or provides catering.

Large Establishment - Food service that meets the medium establishment definition and seats more than 175 people, serves a full menu selection an average of five or more days per week or caters 500 or more meals per day.

Alcohol Service From Bar - Alcoholic mixed drinks are served or where beer or wine are served from a bar.

Lodging - A building, structure, enclosure, or any part thereof used as, maintained as, advertised as, or held out to be a place where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the public as regular roomers.

Bed and Breakfast - Owner occupied residence with five or less rooms for overnight accommodations. Serves only breakfast to guests.

Public Swimming Pool - A pool is any public pool including but not limited to a swimming pool, spa, wading pool, and zero depth pool which is not a private residential pool.

Spa Pool - A public hot water pool intended for seated recreational use.

Youth Camp - Where food and lodging are provided for ten or more minors, operated continuously for a period of five days or more each year.

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OTHER: (Select all applicable categories)

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*LATE PENALTY: All license payments are due on or before December 31st . Any payment received, delivered, or postmarked on or after January 1st will be assessed a $132 penalty . Any payment received, delivered, or postmarked on or after February 1st will be assessed a $230 penalty . If no payment is received as of March 1st, the establishment will be closed.

Reduced Fee: New businesses or new owners opening after October 1st, 2019 and before December 31st, 2019 are required to pay one half (1/2) the annual fee.

License fees are nonrefundable.

Complete all applicable information or application will be returned.

For those applying for a small, medium, or large food establishment license, it is required that a copy of one full-time employee's State Food Manager Certificate is submitted along with this application.

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